Shannon Courtenay Cares What You Take!

Shannon Courtenay Cares What You Take!

Woman’s World Champion Boxer Shannon Courtenay has joined My Indica Beauty Ltd the most trusted CBD and Wellness brand in the UK.

This was too due to her own experiences with so many CBD and wellness brands not living up to the expectations they had promised. Shannon has experienced this throughout her career working with multiple brands.

When she received her ACL injury, Shannon believed other companies where not providing what they had promised in terms of product satisfaction.

Shannon approached My Indica Beauty Ltd to help with her recovery. With the Vitamins, Nootropics, and award-winning CBD products they have available, Shannon soon realised she could not let other customers and fans down without recommending this company.

Shannon decided to invest with the UKs number one trusted brand My Indica Beauty Ltd which has over 15 years’ experience and was the company that introduced numerous CBD products to the UK.

The company are delighted to welcome Shannon as a member of the team and being impressed with the products that My Indica beauty had created, Shannon decided to make a direct investment into the company.

My Indica Beauty Ltd have created such brands as Smith Bros CBD, the THC free brand which is a product specifically designed for athletes.

The company is delighted in announcing our partnership with Shannon and together with other introducers we are able to demonstrate to customers both old and new the chance to buy our top-quality products at affordable prices.

Shannon has used our products for over 12 months before dedicating her own funds and time to our company. Shannon, now as a partner of the company wants to demonstrate how future customers and her fans can enjoy the benefits this company can bring and at prices that are affordable to everyone.

Shannon Courtenay is a new Director of My Indica Beauty Ltd and we as a company are proud to have her on our team. A bright future awaits us all.

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