Natural 3000mg CBD Oil…

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Natural 3000mg CBD Oil Tincture UK | My Indica Beauty

Our premium 3000mg CBD oil tincture is designed for customers who have been using CBD for a while, and is loved by professional athletes across the UK.
The CBD used in all of our tinctures has been extracted from USA-grown industrial hemp grown above sea level and by farmers that use zero harmful chemicals or pesticides. Enriched with natural hemp terpenes, our award-winning, extra strength 3000mg CBD oil contains components that support wellness and a wholesome mind and body complex, which may be able to boost your

● Hemp oil extract
● MCT oil
● Natural Flavors
● Terpenes
3000mg CBD oil: Suggested use
Squeeze out 1/2 of the dropper, wait 60-90 seconds and swallow. Take once or twice daily.

£ 104.99 £ 99.99


Our extra-strength, 3000mg CBD oil is designed to allow our customers to experience cannabidiols in their most potent, full spectrum form. Every drop of our award winning CBD tincture contains our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, packed with lifestyle-boosting cannabinoids and terpenes.

Why buy My Indica CBD Oil?
At My Indica Beauty we have dedicated our careers to providing premium CBD tinctures that offer our customers a completely safe and enjoyable way to take control of their health and wellness. And, as one of the UK’s industry leaders, we pride ourselves on offering a range of
premium CBD products that are 100% natural and organic, and centered on quality and customer satisfaction.
The processes that we use ensure that our products never contain complex chemicals or diluted solvents, and the CBD is extracted from USA-grown hemp plants that are grown in fields that contain no pesticides or harmful chemicals. We are also the first CBD company worldwide to
incorporate a peel and reveal label within the bottle – and this goes for all of our CBD hemp tincture products.

Is 3000mg CBD oil legal in the UK?
Our 3000mg CBD oil contains less than 0.2% THC and is 100% legal to use within the UK. Our premium grade hemp plants are put through laborious three-tier laboratory testing, where they undergo a closed-loop, supercritical CO2 extraction process to effectively isolate the
cannabidiols from THC and other compounds found within the plant. This ensures that our customers can use all of the My Indica Beauty products safely in the knowledge that you will not experience any psychoactive side effects associated with THC consumption.
At My Indica Beauty we hold the highest standards in quality control, and promise to deliver a superior CBD product that can support healthier habits – and a better you.

How much CBD oil should I take?
CBD oil doesn’t have an official serving size, because the ‘perfect’ dosage will change from
person to person depending on a number of variables, such as:
● Bodyweight
● Body chemistry
● Potency of the CBD product

Considering all of these factors, along with the fact that the human body’s endocannabinoid system (which interacts with CBD) changes over time, the amount of CBD you require will shift over the course of your life.

For this reason, you will have to do a bit of trial and error to fully understand the perfect amount of CBD for you – so we recommend that you start with a lower dose, using our 1000mg CBD tincture and increase it to 3000mg over time.

Our range of tinctures also go all the way up to our super-strength 6000mg CBD oil – giving our customers the opportunity to continue their CBD journeys with My Indica Beauty.


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