Everything you need to know about CBD oil for acne

Everything you need to know about CBD oil for acne

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Acne affects 95% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 to some extent in their lives, and if you’ve ever suffered from it, you’ll know what a huge effect it can have on a person’s self confidence. But whilst there are plenty of acne creams on the market promising ‘miracle’ results with harsh chemicals, in recent years more and more people have been reporting huge improvements from using CBD oil on their skin to help reduce and prevent breakouts. But can CBD really help to treat acne? Let’s take a look…

What causes acne in the first place?


To understand how CBD can be used for the treatment of acne, we first need to understand why it can develop in the first place. From stress to lack of sleep, there are many factors that can jump-start a breakout, but the biggest cause of acne is your body’s production of sebum – a completely natural, oily substance that your body produces to protect your skin from free radicals, (like UV exposure, bacteria and wind damage; all of the things that speed up the skin’s ageing process and cause those fine lines and wrinkles.)


Without sebum, your skin would be vulnerable to damage from the elements, but when your body produces too much, it can mix with dead skin cells and block your pores. 


If the pore is only slightly blocked, the outside air will cause a blackhead to develop, but if the pore is completely blocked it can cause those painful whiteheads we know as acne.

CBD and Sebum Production

People around the world are starting to use CBD oil to treat acne, as it may be able to help to reduce and control the amount of sebum that your body produces. Though research into CBD’s impact on sebum production is still in the early stages, a 2014 study suggested that hemp-based products may help to inhibit the process through which the body’s cells produce sebum.


The same study revealed that CBD has the potential to trigger an anti-inflammatory reaction in skin cells that may help the body to prevent inflammatory cytokines from activating, and ultimately reducing the risk of further breakouts.

How to use CBD for acne

Whilst many people have said that taking CBD oil orally has helped control their breakouts, the general consensus is that applying cannabidiols directly to the skin is the best option if you want maximum results. At My Indica Beauty, we have developed a range of CBD skin care products that are designed specifically to nourish, protect and care for your skin. If you’re suffering from acne or breakouts, you might be interested in trying the following:

400mg CBD anti-aging face mist

A handbag essential; our refreshing CBD face mist delivers targeted results in just one spritz. Offering intense hydration and infused with DMEA and 400mg of CBD, this face mist is a super-low maintenance way to keep on top of your skin care. 

900mg CBD face mask

Our one-of-a-kind, 900mg CBD face mask offers all the benefits of cannabidiols combined with a natural rock powder: zeolite, which helps to bind toxins and help to regulate the body’s natural pH levels. 


In addition to this, all of our skin care products are manufactured using only the highest-grade hemp materials. Our plants are harvested from fields that contain no pesticides or harmful chemicals, and once gathered, the materials are sent for three tier laboratory testing where they undergo a closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction process – meaning we can offer our customers some of the cleanest CBD skin care products available on the market.


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